Category : Athlete
Year Inducted: 2015

The team players were Wong Peng Soon, Ooi Teik Hock, Ong Poh Lim, Eddie Chong, Lim Kee Fong and Tan Jin Eong. The 1955 Thomas Cup was held in Singapore from 4th June – 5th June 1955. Malaya’s venerable Wong Peng Soon was successful though he dropped a game to both Kobbero and Jorn Skaarup. Eddie Choong, with 2 All-England singles titles already to his name, made his Thomas Cup debut by beating both Kobbero and Skaarup in straight games.

Ong Poh Lim was once again stalwart, winning his match at third singles and both of his doubles partnered by veteran Ooi Teik Hock. The Danes could master only one victory which came in doubles and largely from the efforts of Kobbero’s partner Jorgen Hammergaard Hansen whose powerful smash lived up to his name. Malaya got the third title after beating Denmark by winning 8 matches to 1.