Page 17 of the IOC Agenda page 17, states as follow : “The starting point of sustainable development is the idea that the long term preservation of our environment, our habitat as well as its biodiversity and natural resources and the environment will only possible if combined simultaneously with economic, social and political development particularly geared the benefit of the poorest members of society.

The 2012 IOC Trophy under the Theme “Sport and sustainable Development” states that the trophy is to be awarded to any organisations, people, sponsors, and local authorities which had enabled the development, creation of transformaton of projects in a spirit of os sustainable development, an all forms, in their communities”.

The Olympic Council of Malaysia  has selected Wisma OCM as the recipient of the 2012 IOC Trophy based on the evaluation carried out as shown below :

  Sustainable Development Criteria Achievements
1 Transformation Transformed a waste-land into a thriving commercial and sports centre.
2 Creation Create an attractive office for OCM, hotel, offices for National Sports Associations (NSAs) and a sports centre with good, low cost and safe facilities.
3 Economics benefits Viable hotel, car park and sports facilities rental business and other associated business. Employment for over 100 people.
4 Financial benefits Annual income for OCM for sports development and the development of NSAs.
5 Sports benefits Provides low cost and safe facilities to sports training and competition for schools, dports club, sport organizations and the public.
6 Education benefits Provides low cost and safe facilities to sports organizations to conduct coaches, sports science and sports management courses.
7 Community and Social benefits Provides low cost and safe facilities for the public to use for wedding and social dinners, meetings, conferences, graduation ceremonies, etc.
8 Sustainability Since the development of Wisma OCM in 1991, it has sustained and enhanced its value over the past 21 years, for sport training and competitions, conferences and courses etc.
9 Legacy Location of the OCM Sports Museum and Hall of Fame, that has become a gathering place for the learning of Olympism, Olympic Values and the Olympic Games by young people from universities and colleges, athletes from the associations and schools, sports fraternity including sports journalist.