The Olympic Council of Malaysia has selected SportsUnite Sports Club as the winner of the 2017 IOC Trophy “Sport Beyond Borders”.

The SportsUnite Sports Club was officially registered with the Commisioner of Sports in 2007. The founding membersof the Club namely Tan Sri Noordin Hassan, Dato’ Dina Rizal and a few others have shown great interest and commitment to junior sports development. They saw a need to look at the sports not just as means to achieve excellence and honour but more importantly as a significant measure to unite young children of all races and adding values to nation building.

The SportsUnite celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year. The Club emphasises the promotion of unity, fellowship and racial togetherness through sports amongst participants, firends, parents and supportes of different racial and ethnic groups in Malaysia.

Since its formation in 2007, SportsUnite has, with the support of sponsors and well-wishers, organised many junior sports carnivals to promote the spirit of fellowship and unity with the participation of juniors of different races. One of the key principles od SportsUnite’s programs is that all teams must comprise participants of at least two (2) different races at all playing times to be eiligible to take part. Single race teams are not allowed to take part. Over the years it is very encouraging to see many teams with more than two (2) different races taking part. The concept of unity trough sports is now quite readily accepted and aprreciated by teams participating in many various SportsUnite events.